You Can Be An Angel

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Easter Angels!

The DVD mentioned in the post before last is now nearing completion. The children from Becca's class at Lewannick Primary School have made the most amazing film. This, together with a highly original 'animated' version for secondary schools (eat your heart out Nick Park!) should be ready by the end of the month.

Both versions will be distributed to all Cornish schools by the end of April. We are also hoping to encourage other counties to make use of the material. We would obviously like as many young people as possible to see the film - and before the heat of the summer. We hope to send all 'Becca's Angels' a copy during May.

By that time we are also hoping to circulate some catalogues of Kevin's art work. It is slowly coming together - but getting any artist to release work is never easy! He has had success with his band however, and should keep you up to date. Lovely to see that Becca's clarinet (through the track 'Players') is covering the globe.

And Tara Fraser (formerly Stack to our Launceston College readers) at has awarded the Rebecca Kaye Bursary (for studying 'Yoga for People Living with Cancer') to Bryan Fox. We wish him courage, energy and joy in the challenge which lies ahead.

The Stara Woods Picnic area (seen above, this morning) the living willow project, and Lewannick's School's 'Elvis Meets Miss Kaye' garden are all in the developmental stage - and all should come together in the Spring. Becca's energy for life - and her constant smile - are still with us.

We remember her 35th Birthday - a year ago (on 24th March) when you sent all those cards! That made her smile!

Thanks to you all!
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