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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Birthday This Week!

From Becca/Bob's Dad, Peter;

"Becca did talk to Dr Callebout as planned. He told her to stop all the supplementary treatment - but Becca had already made that decision. Instead he prescribed 'antabuse' - a drug given to alcoholics inorder to scare them from addiction! There's irony, as Becca hasn't touched a drop (not even Jack Daniels) since all this began 20 months ago.

Antabuse has possibly helped at least one individual survive metastatic melanoma and so it is though, by some, to merit further trials. This time, however, Dr Callebout has been thwarted! Becca read the long list of possible side-effects and has 'binned it'! The guinea pig costume is getting a bit hot and sweaty!

Our priority is now to try to get her digestive system functioning once again - for without being able to enjoy her food she would turn to drink! We have devised a more gentle routine of drops and tinctures (a welcome rest from the 200 pills every day!) and this natural approach is one that Bec feels happy with.

She does have much abdominal pain - but so far rejects the idea of sipping on her bottle of morphine. This has far too many negative associations and so far she is refusing to go down that pathway marked 'palliative care'!

And so we are all still beating the battle drum and setting our targets. No rest here! Bec's birthday on 24th - and then for the following few days we are all hoping to get to a cottage overlooking the Bristol Channel and perched on the cliffs to the West of Minehead.

Sam, Ian and the children plan to join us - and Ian will still be able to commute to work. The cottage has a piano - and the plan is for Becca to organise the 'entertainment'! A degree in Performance Arts does have its uses!

The birthday cards have already started to arrive - and I know that many of you have been actively twisting arms. This has to be a great event. Bless you all!"

Becca/Bob's birthday is this week, so send her a card. Even if you've never met her before in your life, send her a card. The only way anyone knows that they're alive is how other people react to them.

Make Bob's day, make her smile by sending her a card. What's it going to cost you? First class postage and a card you got from Tesco? What will you get out of it? A feeling of having done something nice for someone who's having a shit time of it. What will she get out of it? A house full of cards, and knowing that she's loved by everyone who reads this.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Month Passes - Just.

Received today from Peter, Becca's Dad;

"It has not been an easy month" he says, with great understatement.

"The 'liver flush' did give Becca and Kev a brief respite - and they did manage a day in St Ives. However Becca found returning to the regime very difficult. This time she felt nauseous as well as very tired - and her digestive system showed signs of failure. This, together with the continued appearance of skin tumours and the resulting pain and discomfort, made it very hard to find much that was positive. We all entered a 'dark period'!

It is never easy to find Dr Callebout as he spends much of his time searching the globe and attending cancer conferences, but we did manage to let him know that things were not going well. A message on our answer phone directed us to a change of plan - which Becca has tried to implement. Last week her stomach went into severe spasms - and after two nights when the pair of them could not sleep - and Becca's pain became unbearable - they called in their GP. He administered morphine, made gentle palliative sounds, and we prepared ourselves yet again.

That was last week. Becca is now up and about! Her digestion still seems shot to pieces and no way is she about to take up the 180 pancreas tablets again - at least not this week! But she is feeling more positive again and is making plans. She is scheduled to have a proper telephone conversation with Dr Callebout tomorrow - and we do have alternative ideas should he not be able to restore her faith. Thanks to the funding in place - and to all you angels!

However it is obvious to us all that Becca's melanoma continues to invade her body. Becca is now setting her sights on her birthday - she will be 35 on Saturday 24th March. It would be good if we could fill her little house with greeting cards - so I rely on you all!"

You heard the man. Get sending cards!!!! And money. I know he didn't mention that, but please keep sending money!
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