You Can Be An Angel

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Latest Chapter

Received from Peter this evening.

"Just a quick update - and a special message to those Angels who contribute via Standing Orders.

Becca's tumours are still multiplying alarmingly - and with them an increase in pain. Morphine helps (now at a very large dose) but not entirely - neither does it dull her determination to stay alive. She fights on - but can eat little and we maintain only a very basic supplementary programme.

The Angel Fund is well able to support her through whatever the next phase throws up - and so we ask all of you who have chosen to support us through standing orders to now cancel those. We will, of course, be in touch with you all. Meanwhile we continue to be so very grateful for your generous help. At least it gave hope.

Forgive this rather impersonal contact - but wanted to give you the chance to contact your bank before the end of the month. And I do appreciate that 'standing orders' do not apply to all the people who are receiving this! Bless you all.

Love from us all - especially Becca and Kev!


Being one of the people who generally ignore most orders, I won't encourage you to do anything other than what you feel you want to do. May your God go with you.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Birthday Pictures

From Becca/Bob's dad, Peter;

"Thanks to everyone for sending so many cards. It was an impressive show of support when it was so much needed. And many of you sent flowers and gifts - not part of the 'deal' - but much appreciated.

We did all get to the cottage overlooking the sea! When Becca and Kev drove into the yard we did feel that we may have made a serious mistake. We almost had to carry them both from the car. Becca was in mega pain, Kev's face was twice its size thanks to the abscess, and their final mile and a half had been along an unmade farm track perched precariously high above the Bristol Channel. Perhaps the price of isolation had been too high?

However by the time they had been lowered onto the settee by the huge window the agony lines began to drain away. The view was enchanting. Just a couple of sloping fields separated the cottage from the sea. At dawn about twenty deer grazed just below the window, and as the sun rose (and most of the time it did!) they were replaced by rabbits, foxes, hawks and a rather worn-looking grandfather who was for ever being dragged down to throw pebbles into the sea. The family were all together and Sam's children brought constant distraction and joy.

Becca remains in almost constant pain but this is now managed by a mixture of morphine and codeine - which she now accepts as an inevitable necessity. There are times when movement is almost impossible. However we continue with gentle treatment and avoid the constant demand which too many pills can make.

At present this consists of Zeolite, Klamasin, PolyMVA, Biobran (a powerful immune builder) and a selection of Chinese Medicines which have a mushroom base (magic of course!). There are other supplements including germanium, selenium, acidophilus together with Pau D'Arco and Samento from the Amazon.

Our hope is to restore her digestive system and to maintain her immunity level - and to make her as comfortable as we can. Our days by the sea were a mixture of extreme emotions, as you would imagine, but good. We all could laugh and cry together and that is what we needed to do.

We continue to be so grateful for your love and support. Thank you so much!"

I can add nothing to this, anything I could say would seem trite in comparison.
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