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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

To All The Angels

Received this morning from Peter;

"We are sorry to report that Becca finally gave up her fight against melanoma. She died yesterday evening at home – with Kev and ourselves by her side.

Of course no one wanted this to happen. There is no romantic glow to any of this story. However, two years ago when Becca first suffered the warning seizure, we were determined to make the journey as positive as we could. This challenge has not proved as difficult as we imagined, for out of all the sorrow have shone the most amazing examples of humanity. The human spirit has been revealed at its most brilliant.

We are so proud of our daughter. Against all the odds she has continued to fight – no matter what cruelty melanoma threw at her. She had the most amazing capacity to remain focused on survival and if sheer willpower had been enough then she would surely have conquered her cancer.

As it was she has defied her medical team and out lived the predicted ‘few months’! It was a hard route to follow and a demanding life style which she adopted and yet, through all this, she remained ever concerned for those around her, ever able to make us laugh – and we feel privileged to have shared her journey and witnessed her amazing courage and strength.

And every heart beat of this journey has been shared by her partner Kev. Kevin Sinton BA (Fine Art) had just graduated when Becca first became ill. He immediately became her ‘carer’ and for two years he has been her constant support – surrounding her with love – being her provider, her guide, and her inspiration. We are so grateful for the fact that he has been there for all of us – calm, caring and strong. A wonderful person.

And when we asked for help there appeared hundreds of ‘angels’ who showered us with love, prayers (of all dimensions), and money. Without this financial help it would have proved very difficult to maintain Becca’s fight. She tried so very hard, along a pathway which she felt offered her the best chance of survival. You gave her hope. You are all such lovely people!

There will be a private family cremation and Bec’s ashes will be scattered around her favourite place on the edge of Bodmin Moor. We would ask that each one of you just takes a few moments to reflect on the wonder of her life – and do whatever you feel appropriate. Listen to a piece of music, light a candle, and if you’re part of the Middlesex University crowd – have a Jack Daniels!

The “Angel Fund’ will now be closed and we ask that those of you who are still contributing to cancel your standing orders. We have some suggestions for the money which remains. With your approval we would like to create a special place in memory of Becca. It will be in Stara Woods (between Launceston and Liskeard) and will be a place of contemplation and peace. The river Lynher runs by and we will plant special trees.

We would also like to commission a series of paintings titled ‘ Becca’s Angels’ and this would hopefully enable Kev to return again to his studio and pick up his art career. It would be fitting for us to enable a ‘theatre in education’ project which would attempt to encourage young people to take care in the sun – for it was just one bout of sun burn when Becca was a teenager which has led to this.

We would like to make a donation, again on your behalf, to the MacMillan Nursing Service. Finally Bec’s sister Sam is to run a Marathon to raise money towards CANCERactive – an independent charity which sets out to publish all research – be it involving the drugs via the pharmaceutical companies or the natural elements which grow around us.

Somewhere, for each individual, will lie an answer."

I can only express my deepest sympathies to Kev, Pete, Bet, Sam and to everyone who knew Bob/Becca. To those of you who never met her, it's a shame, she was a hell of a great girl, you probably would have liked her a lot.
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