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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Photo!

Looking heroic, mean, moody and just a little bit early 90s, ladies & gentlemen, I give you Rebecca Kaye!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

December Update

Received today from Peter, Becca's dad;

"Yesterday Becca began her ‘new’ programme of treatment. Dr Callebout has continued to offer her ‘hope’ and she is attacking this latest marathon with her usual determination and courage.

Her skin lesions continue to multiply at a rapid rate but she has been less disturbed by strange sensations within her head. She has more energy again and sight has returned sufficiently to enable her to read once more. She is planning for Christmas!

She sees this latest endurance as a last chance to finally rid herself of the ‘terminal’ shroud which has hung over her for the past year and a half. And so she refuses to be phased by the additions to her daily routine of diet (still free of wheat, sugar, alcohol, anything processed or non-organic, any meat except for organic beef twice a week), enemas (3 each day), juices, and a festive, multicoloured heap of immune-building supplements.

And the additions? Well her guru has introduced three ‘torpedoes’ – three elements of attack which would deter most mortals:

a) Twice daily injections of OGF (Opioid Growth Factor) which has been found to halt the growth of cancer cells – together with Noscapine. This latter has been around for decades as a very safe cough suppressant but very recently high doses are being used off label in the treatment of cancer. It is derived from opium so this appeals to Becca! Both Noscapine and OGF are being clinically studied in the USA, Belgium, Croatia, and Germany – and we feel we are the cutting edge. We get our supply from Israel.

b) A massive input of lamb pancreas – which Becca takes in the form of 180 capsules daily! These support the immune system – directly assisting the defence mechanisms.

c) And a very expensive liquid called ‘CHEL’ which is again undergoing trials in various parts of the world – but not here of course. This is to draw out toxins and metabolic wastes from the blood stream.

Becca’s GP is being very supportive (within the bounds of his NHS contract and his insurers!) and is enthusiastic about her determination. On Monday she is going to ‘come clean’ with her oncologist.

As the official line has always been that she has been on borrowed time for the past year she has so far felt unable to tell them all that she does to defy them. Her hospital notes describe her as ‘remarkable’. They are constantly amazed by her ability to bounce back.

And this refusal to accept defeat has projected us all on a remarkable journey. We now find ourselves at the forefront of some of the most recent pioneering research. And thanks to all Becca’s Angels we are able to ‘keep the show on the road’!

This bout of treatment is now costing £5000 each month. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of ‘Becca’s Angels’ (and to date over £20,000 has been raised) this part of Becca’s journey is now secure. Thank you!"

What Peter is probably too polite to say - never been a problem for me - is, keep sending the money! The cost of the treatment has risen by £2000 a month & the flow of money to the fund needs to keep going. Please give whatever you can afford. As we all hear in supermarket adverts, every little helps.
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