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Monday, February 05, 2007

Keeping Going

Becca has been back in touch with Dr Callebout. He hasn't offered any new insights this time - but at least hasn't added any more pills to Becca's daily intake, so in many ways it's difficult to tell if this is good news or bad news!

What definitely is good news, as far as Becca is concerned, is that she gets to have a "liver flush". While this sounds painful, it actually means she gets to have five days off from her incredible amount of medication, plus it doesn't involve an enema!

With the (relatively) huge amount of time now available to them, Becca & Kevin are planning to go to an art exhibition in St. Ives and visit a garden centre. Plus, they're even planning to go to a party on Saturday night! It's almost like being back to normal!

But then she knows she must go back on the old regime.

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