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Monday, September 03, 2007

The Melanoma Awareness Project

"Nostalgia" was the first of many! This show toured in 1994 – in Becca’s Morris Minor!

Donna Kilpin (formerly Donna Goddard – BAPA Midddlesex University) worked with Becca for ten years as ‘Small Scale Theatre’ – touring hilarious comedy shows and encouraging community involvement throughout Cornwall and Devon. Donna is now directing the creation of two very special films (in inter-active DVD format) which aim to raise the public awareness of melanoma and for the need to take swift action when once it strikes.

Lewannick Primary School (where Becca was working before brain tumours made teaching impossible) is to feature in the first film. It has a good ‘sun care’ policy and this will be central to the story. The second film, relying heavily on footage from Becca’s own performances, will be aimed at older children and adults.

Donna is working closely with Dr Tom Lucke, dermatologist at The Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, and their aim is clear. The rate of melanoma is increasing rapidly – especially in the South West. When once it takes hold there is no cure. People must take care. And must be encouraged to spot early signs.

The Health Authority hope to distribute the films widely throughout Cornwall. The technical work is being managed by Multi- Media Arts Documentation (M-MAD). Krystyna Zdan-Michajlowicz who founded the company seven years ago was a friend of Becca’s – and had been working with Becca and Donna to document the work of Small Scale – and indeed M-MAD evolved from Small Scale’s community work.

Krystyna feels proud to be supporting this venture – and we are so pleased to have her company working along side.

You can find details of M-MAD here


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